Fly Spray System Pilot Point, Little Elm and Frisco, TX

Rid Your Livestock of Pesky Flies

Let us install a fly spray system in your Pilot Point, Little Elm or Frisco, TX barn

Flies aren't necessarily causing your family any harm, but they could be getting in your way when you're trying to tend to your livestock or horses. Let Federal Pest Solutions in Pilot Point, Little Elm and Frisco, TX install a fly spray system and you'll get peace of mind knowing that flies aren't bothering your animals or exposing them to potential diseases.

What's the process of installing a fly spray system?

Are you ready to get rid of annoying flies once and for all? Call Federal Pest Solutions and we'll get started on your fly spray system. To install your system, we must:

  • Interview you and evaluate your site
  • Design a misting system layout
  • Install the master unit
  • Test the mist pattern for adequate coverage
  • Train you on how to operate your system

Banish flies from your barn or livestock facilities with help from Federal Pest Solutions. Call us at 940-686-3017 to set up an initial appointment!